Vincent Got Adopted

Vincent came to our shelter in September last year, after he was found on the street without a microchip or collar. He wasn’t neutered and was suffering from the so called neurotic anxiety syndrome, that was expressed in panic attacks when he had to be left alone. He was terrified he would be abandoned, presumably, again.

Through the last year his condition vastly improved, he calmed down, made friends with dogs in the shelter, especially with Shelly who was very benevolent to him. However, every time I came to the shelter, Vince was climbing and hanging on the fence waiting for me. He had to see me first and lick my hand, only after that was I free to start my day.

Last week Vincent was adopted by a very nice family, and now no one is hanging on the fence waiting to see me. However, someone is lying at home on a couch, sleeping on his owners bed, and trying to figure out what the big orange cat is there for.

Lets wish our little buddy long years spent in love and care. Something every dog deserves.

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