The Rescue Operation

The rescue operation of this kitten took about 3 hours and happened about two weeks ago.

He magically appeared inside the concrete separation barrier in the middle of a highway. Kittens are exceptionally good at finding original ways to commit a suicide. This was the second attempt I came across on this very road. Happily both ended up as unsuccessful.

A woman told me that she heard a kitten meowing from a storm drain on a bridge. More often then not, people making such calls consider themselves free to move on, making it someone else’s problem to deal with the rescue and its consequences.

Several hours later, when I was able to come the kitten was no longer heard. I checked several adjacent storm drains, but in vain… Was it a regular storm drain I would have left immediately.

But the storm drain was located on a bridge, it had a completely closed lid, making it impossible for the kitten to get in or out, and the tube from the drain ended up on the side of the bridge several meters above the ground, so it could not have been an escape path either.

At last, the brave little one managed to overcome his fears, got out of his haven where he spent God knows how long, and entered the trap. It was a boy only about 1.5 months old. When he calmed down, he revealed to us his friendly and tender character.

The quarantine period is about to end, today the kitten got his first vaccine, and will soon be ready for adoption. If he found a loving and responsible home, that would be a true Happy End.

Our shelter needs support, we are looking for sponsors. Its easy to become one by registering for a monthly donation here:

The only explanation was that the kitten actually was hiding in the middle of the road on the separation line. I had to walk a few hundred meters on both sides of the road hoping to hear the meowing. But nothing was heard, and I was back on my way to the car, prepared to admit a failure.

As in bad Hollywood movies, it was the very last moment before I left, when the kitten decided to let me know he was there. He was hiding in front of spot where he has been heard, in the middle of the highway.

The situation demanded exceptional caution. The road was busy, the kitten was frightened. Had he decided to cross the road, he was very likely to be killed by a passing car. Time and patience are your best friends in this case.

The kitten would not have entered the trap, unless it was covered to conceal the cars flying by on full speed. It was also important to prevent him from exiting though other holes on the block and we had to cover them.

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