Sponsor a Pet

Do you want to help a dog or a cat but you are unable to adopt or foster?

Sponsorship is the next best thing!

A one-time or a monthly donation helps cover the cost of caring for a cat or a dog you choose as well as training cost until they are adopted. It can also help cover medical costs of those who are not adoptable due to a medical condition or behavioural issues.

Sponsorship of a dog in the pound can help in getting the dog into a boarding facility with improved living conditions, better food, more outdoor activity, and human contact.

To sponsor a pet simply fill out the form. You will receive a certificate and updates and photos of the animal you choose. We will also inform you when the cat or dog were adopted. When you pet is adopted you can choose another pet to help.

Sponsorship can be a wonderful gift for animal lovers!

If you have a friend or a relative who loves animals you can give this special person a unique gift – Sponsorship certificate from Rishon Loves Animals. We will send the certificate to this person, who will also receive updates and photos of their sponsored pet.

If you have any questions:

Email us: [email protected]
Or call: 052-3423650

Sponsor A Pet

Fill out the form and we will call or email you to continue the sponsorship process


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