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Bank transfer can be made to Rishon Loves Animals bank account:

account number: 459683
branch: 555
bank: 12 (Ha-Poalim)

Vaccinations, spaying and neutering, veterinary care and surgeries, food for the shelter cats and dogs all cost money. Your donation will allow us to rescue more animals while providing our sweet furkids at the shelter with the best care, and living conditions.
You can make a one-time donation, or a monthly donation whichever you prefer, and remember: Even a small amount helps.

Rishon loves animals is an all-volunteer nonprofit animal welfare organization that aims to end the abuse, neglect, and overpopulation of cats and dogs in our area.
We work to achieve our aim in different fronts:

Education – We give lectures in schools and teach children and youth about compassion, respect for all living beings, and the proper way to treat stray animals and pets.

Adoption from the different kennels – We hold adoption events every weekend on Friday and Saturday to find a forever home for the dogs in the Ahisamakh kennel near Ramla, where dogs are at danger of being euthanized whether due to overcrowding or because they have a treatable illness.

We do not see euthanasia as an option for animals that are not terminally ill!!

Animal rescue – We rescue stray or abused animals, provide medical care for the animals we rescue and find foster and adoptive homes for them.

Animal Shelter – We run an animal shelter for cats and dogs

Spaying And Neutering – As the humane solution for the cats and dogs overpopulation problem in Israel.

Ofra Resenshine the head of Rishon Loves Animals with Lucky and Ronnie at the shelter.

Thank you for caring, and giving for the abandoned, and lost dogs and cats in our city.
With your donation we will be able to give the animals of Rishon Lezion a better life in the present, and hope for a better future.