Rishon Loves Animals is a non-profit animal rescue society which has been working since 2002 to create a new reality for animals in
Rishon LeZion – the largest city in Israel territory-wise and the third-largest in its population.

We Have Four Major Goals

Preventing the killing of animals and providing them with adopting families

This is achieved by an ongoing adoption project which has been taking place in the city ever since the society was founded. Until then, homeless animals found in the vicinity of the city had been killed. We hold adoption happenings regularly to help save these animals and find them new families.

Acting to prevent over breeding of stray dogs and cats

This is achieved by maintaining a neutering project for animals that are up for adoption and for stray cats. For this purpose we are cooperating with the Hebrew University’s Beit Dagan Veterinary Hospital. We also rely on the help of private veterinary practices. We run also cooperate with stray cat feeders from all over the city in order to maximize the efforts.

Educating for prevention of animals abandonment and abuse

We work in cooperation with the municipality’s Youth Department and with various schools in the city. Teenagers involved in the Personal Commitment Project arrive on adoption days to practice taking care of animals. They take part in public activities such as distributing informative materials and actively participating in adoption and donation events. We also hold an ongoing project with teenagers with special needs. Furthermore, the society managers lead educational activities in schools and after-school clubs for children in high risk in order to expose them to the subject of animal rights and animal welfare from the youngest age possible.

Reaching out to animals in risk or in danger

We rescue animals and have a hot line for emergencies and other animal welfare related issues.

Ifat and Goldstar at a school educating the children about what cats and dogs need

We Support Various Projects

  • We helped to establish a committee for criteria setting of stray cats neutering in Rishon LeZion's municipality
  • Saving pets during the Gush Katif eviction - we were one of the major animal rescue societies acting in the area at that time, accepting the largest number of abandoned dogs.
    We also worked intensively during the Second Lebanon War
  • Holding numerous adoption events, fundraisers and information events for families.
    We are regularly active in national projects for encouraging volunteering, such as the Good Deeds Day.
  • We keep regular contact with the press, radio stations and the leaders of the city municipality in order to keep animal rights in the city's agenda. Thanks to the society, there is now a new position in City Hall – the Holder of the Veterinary Portfolio.
  • We make sure to be involved in national-level activities. Our representatives participate in Parliament, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environmental Protection discussions pertaining to animal welfare.

What We Do

  • Provide adoption of stray cats and dogs
  • Neutering dogs up for adoption and stray cats
  • Educating youth in regular and special needs schools
  • Phone response for animal related questions and emergencies
  • Rescue and assistance
  • Spreading knowledge through pamphlets, booths and media items

The NPO does not have its own kennel or cat shelter. We operate with the canine confinement centers in the center of Israel for the purpose of saving the maximum number of dogs in confinement, who are in danger of death.

Stray street cats who are saved by the NPO are dedicatedly cared for by volunteers according to their ability to absorb them until adoptive homes are found.

Monetary donations are channeled entirely to the animals and in particular to veterinary treatments for animals collected by volunteers or who were released from the canine confinement.

We found Gesher on a bridge after a car accident left her with a head injury. Gesher is now well taken care of, and loved at the shelter